February 1, 2018 | Jen Hellmich
Time For Your FEBRUARY Fresh Start

As I look down this checklist for February cleaning... well, I cringe! We're not a dirty family, but I must say the fridge and freezer get kind of gross in no time at all it seems. And cleaning the skinny sides of a side-by-side; no fun. Where does all that debris come from exactly? It's not like we're putting containers and packages in there all covered with crumbs and messy. At my house, I can only assume it was someone else who caused the problem!!  ;)

I think a couple of the ideas on the list are worth consideration-
1.  Cover fridge & freezer shelves with Press & Seal plastic wrap... hmmm... worth it, I think!
2.  A bin in the laundry room for outgrown clothes... Yes!... stop them right in the laundry room so they never see the inside of the bedroom again!

Um, clean the lint trap??... I hope so, more than once a year- yikes!!



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